SiG.Kit Non-stick Cookie Sheet, Dimensions 15x11-3/4x3/4"H (Product Code: A310629)

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Discover the convenience of baking with the SiG.Kit Non-stick Cookie Sheet. With dimensions of 15x11-3/4x3/4"H, this cookie sheet is perfect for all your baking needs. Whether you're a professional baker or a home cook, this cookie sheet is a must-have in your kitchen. Don't miss out on this essential baking tool.

Make your baking experience more enjoyable with the SiG.Kit Non-stick Cookie Sheet. Its non-stick surface ensures easy release of your baked goods and makes cleaning a breeze. Order now and elevate your baking game.



  • Non-stick surface for easy release of baked goods
  • Dimensions: 15x11-3/4x3/4"H, ideal for various baking needs
  • Product Code: A310629

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