O.WKs. 9.75x13.75" Bubble Envelope (ES85184)

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Discover the convenience of the O.WKs. 9.75x13.75" Bubble Envelope (ES85184). This envelope is designed to protect your items during shipping, ensuring they arrive at their destination in perfect condition. Its bubble wrap interior provides excellent cushioning for your items, while the self-sealing closure ensures a secure seal. Don't miss out on this essential shipping tool.

Whether you're a small business owner or simply someone who frequently ships items, the O.WKs. 9.75x13.75" Bubble Envelope is a must-have. Its durable construction and practical design make it a reliable choice for all your shipping needs. Order yours today and experience the difference for yourself.



  • Dimensions: 9.75x13.75 inches, providing ample space for your items.
  • Bubble wrap interior for superior cushioning and protection.
  • Self-sealing closure for a secure seal and easy use.

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