O.WKs. 20-Piece Clip-On Binder ID Tab Set in Three Colours, Blister Packaged.

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Discover the convenience of the O.WKs. 20-Piece Clip-On Binder ID Tab Set available in three distinct colours. These binder tabs are blister packaged for secure transportation and storage. They are designed to help you organize your documents efficiently and effortlessly. Don't miss out on this essential office supply.

Make your workspace more organized and efficient with these easy-to-use clip-on binder tabs. They are perfect for categorizing and quickly accessing your important documents. Take the first step towards a more organized workspace by adding these to your cart today.



  • 20-piece set provides ample tabs for your organizing needs.
  • Clip-on design allows for easy attachment and removal.
  • Available in three colours for easy categorization and identification.

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