Mr. Bone's 2-Piece 5" Bleached Rawhide Bones (A382529)

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Discover the Mr. Bone's 2-Piece 5" Bleached Rawhide Bones (A382529) for your pet's enjoyment. These rawhide bones are designed to keep your pet entertained for hours, providing them with a fun and engaging activity. Don't miss out on this opportunity to treat your pet to something special.

These Mr. Bone's Rawhide Bones are not only enjoyable for your pet, but they also help to promote good dental health. Chewing on these bones can help to remove plaque and tartar, contributing to a healthier mouth for your pet. Make the smart choice for your pet's health and happiness today.



  • 2-piece set of 5" bleached rawhide bones

  • Designed to keep pets entertained for hours

  • Promotes good dental health by removing plaque and tartar

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