L.Gourmet Sterile Toothpick 3-Pack, 200 Pieces per Pack, in PVC Bag with Header (CS)

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Explore the convenience of the L.Gourmet Sterile Toothpick 3-Pack, each pack containing 200 pieces. These toothpicks are neatly packaged in a PVC bag with a header, ensuring their sterility and ease of use. Whether you're hosting a party or need them for daily use, these toothpicks are a practical choice.

Don't miss out on this essential household item. The L.Gourmet Sterile Toothpick is a must-have for every home. Make your purchase now and experience the convenience it brings to your daily routine.



  • Each pack contains 200 sterile toothpicks

  • Conveniently packaged in a PVC bag with a header

  • Perfect for both party hosting and daily use

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