H.E. Paint Pro's 1.5" Angled Paintbrush with Wooden Handle, SLV Card Included

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Discover the H.E. Paint Pro's 1.5" Angled Paintbrush with Wooden Handle, a must-have tool for any painting project. This paintbrush is designed with a comfortable wooden handle and a 1.5" angled brush head, perfect for precision painting. The SLV card included with your purchase ensures you have all the information you need for a successful painting experience. Don't miss out on this essential painting tool, add it to your cart today.


With the H.E. Paint Pro's 1.5" Angled Paintbrush, you can achieve professional painting results with ease. The angled brush head allows for precise application, while the wooden handle provides a comfortable grip for extended use. Whether you're a professional painter or a DIY enthusiast, this paintbrush is a valuable addition to your toolkit. Order yours now and start your painting project right.


  • 1.5" angled brush head for precision painting

  • Comfortable wooden handle for extended use

  • SLV card included for comprehensive product information

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