H.E. 99m Cotton Twine with Shrink Wrap and Label (HZ)

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Explore the practicality of the H.E. 99m Cotton Twine with Shrink Wrap and Label (HZ). This product is designed to meet your everyday needs, whether for home, office, or industrial use. Its versatility makes it a must-have item for your toolbox. Don't miss out on this essential item, add it to your cart today.

The H.E. 99m Cotton Twine is not just any ordinary twine. It comes with a shrink wrap and label, making it easy to store and identify. This feature also ensures that the twine remains untangled and ready for use at any time. Make your purchase now and experience the convenience it brings.



  • 99m length of cotton twine for extended use

  • Comes with shrink wrap for easy storage and prevention of tangling

  • Included label for easy identification

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