H.E. 15-Piece Magnetic Buttons with 1.5cm Diameter, Black/Chrome

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Explore the functionality and convenience of the H.E. 15-Piece Magnetic Buttons. These buttons, with a diameter of 1.5cm, are available in a sleek black/chrome finish. They are designed to provide a secure hold, making them an essential tool for various applications. Don't miss out on this practical addition to your toolkit.

Whether you're organizing your workspace or crafting a DIY project, these Magnetic Buttons are sure to meet your needs. Their compact size and strong magnetic pull make them a versatile choice for any task. Order now to experience the difference they can make.



  • 15-piece set provides ample supply for multiple uses

  • 1.5cm diameter ensures a compact size for versatile use

  • Black/chrome finish adds a sleek touch to any setting

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