Global 2-Piece 50ml Travel Bottles with 1 Pump and 1 Spray, Featuring a White Lid, pbh(HZ)

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Explore the convenience of travel with the Global 2-Piece 50ml Travel Bottles. These bottles come with 1 pump and 1 spray, making it easy to carry your essential liquids on the go. The bottles feature a white lid, adding a touch of elegance to your travel accessories. Don't miss out on this practical solution for your travel needs.

Make your travel experience smoother and more efficient with the pbh(HZ). These bottles are designed to meet your travel requirements, ensuring you have your essentials at your fingertips. Take the next step in enhancing your travel convenience by adding these bottles to your cart today.



  • 2-Piece 50ml Travel Bottles

  • Includes 1 Pump and 1 Spray

  • Features a White Lid

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