Enlighten 9-Pack Clear Cup T-Light, Vanilla Flower Scented (AZ)

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Experience the soothing aroma of the Enlighten 9-Pack Clear Cup T-Light, infused with the delicate scent of Vanilla Flower. This product, available in our store, is designed to create a calming ambiance in your home or office. We invite you to explore the unique features of this product and consider adding it to your shopping cart.

Our Vanilla Flower Scented T-Light is not just a candle, but a sensory experience. The subtle fragrance of vanilla flower is known to promote relaxation and enhance your mood. Don't miss out on this opportunity to transform your space into a serene haven. Click the 'Add to Cart' button now to make your purchase.



  • Comes in a pack of 9 clear cup T-Lights

  • Infused with the calming scent of Vanilla Flower

  • Perfect for creating a relaxing ambiance in any space

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