Bodico's Extendable Back Scratcher, Adjustable from 10"-25"

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Discover the convenience of the Bodico Extendable Back Scratcher. This unique product is adjustable from 10"-25", providing you with the perfect reach to soothe those hard-to-reach itches. Its compact size when retracted makes it easy to store or carry with you wherever you go. Don't let discomfort interrupt your day, take control with this practical tool.

Experience the relief that the Bodico Extendable Back Scratcher can provide. Its adjustable length ensures that no itch is out of reach. Make your comfort a priority and add this essential tool to your daily routine. Click here to purchase your Bodico Extendable Back Scratcher today.



  • Adjustable length from 10"-25"

  • Compact size for easy storage and portability

  • Designed for reaching hard-to-reach areas

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