Bodico's 2L Hot Water Bottle Available in 4 Assorted Colors, Packaged in a Polypropylene Bag with Full Insert

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Experience the comfort and warmth of Bodico's 2L Hot Water Bottle. Available in four assorted colors, this product is a perfect addition to your home essentials. Packaged in a polypropylene bag with a full insert, it ensures safety and convenience. Don't miss out on this opportunity to add this to your collection.

Whether you're looking to keep warm during the cold months or need a soothing heat source for aches and pains, Bodico's 2L Hot Water Bottle is the ideal choice. Its practical design and vibrant color options make it a versatile and stylish choice. Order yours today and experience the difference.



  • 2L capacity for long-lasting warmth

  • Available in four assorted colors for personal preference

  • Packaged in a polypropylene bag with a full insert for safety and convenience

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